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Combine Yola and SmugMug for a Wonderful Online Photo Gallery

photo website builderAre you looking for a nice online photo gallery to showcase your best photography? Check out what I just found! A full featured website builder with no ad's on it, that works great in combination with your SmugMug photo sharing gallery or SmugMug Pro Gallery! Boy am I going to hook-you-up, today!!!

I love Smugmug, in fact I 've had 2 Pro Galleries for a few years now. I have a gallery specifically for our Kirkwood on-mountain photography service and I also have my main SmugMug gallery for all my landscape, nature and other shots. SmugMug is a wonderful photo sharing service, with an exceptional variety of templates to choose from, but the new Yola lets you easily build and host the professional website you always wanted. Yolaeasy website builder adds a whole new dimension to your SmugMug gallery.

Let's say you have a SmugMug Membership. Now you can make a completely separate website gallery, absolutely at Yola to compliment your SmugMug gallery. In fact you can spin off as many as 5 free photography niche websites if you want or 25 with Yolo Pro! Make a "best of" gallery, make a wedding slide show, make a family showcase. Once you get the hang of Synthasite, spin off any kind of website you want, make a  website if you want!

I have already built two websites with Yola and they turned out great. When I heard about Synthasite's Yola easy website builder my first idea was to make Niche site for photography books. It's full of books with amazing pictures, like for the coffee table or waiting room. I found the drag and drop modules in the toolbox on Yola very easy to use.

While I was creating my photography books website, I saw a SmugMug module in their toolbox, so I tried it out to see how it worked. It was surprisingly simple use, I just entered the URL of one of my many SmugMug galleries from my website into the module, clicked on publish not knowing what to expect, and bingo an instant slide show of my SmugMug gallery. It was so cool!

The photography from my SmugMug Landscape photo gallery, was being yola presented in a very attractive slide show, and it was really very nice. Well, the ideas started to flow. I can make a "best of" photo gallery to highlight my favorite galleries at my pro gallery, and I can make a client their very own wedding gallery website featuring just their photos. Wow, if you really think about it, there are so many possibilities with this free website builder, especially for Smugmugger's, it's mind boggeling.

After test driving the Yola SmugMug Module while making the books website, I could hardly wait to create a new  Best of Flowski Gallery to showcase my favorite photo galleries out of my huge SmugMug photo collection. My new Yola Best of Flowski website gallery came together so easy I couldn't believe it.

Ok, it's not as fancy as one of those cool flash template websites. But have I mentioned yet that they have a free version? lol

It gets even better! Here are some of the main features I think you'll appreciate with Yola:

  • Its FREE!!!
  • It's easy to use - Simple to use drop and drag modules.
  • It's great for use with SmugMug - Feature any gallery from within your SmugMug Account as a cool picture slide show.
  • You can use your very own domain name - Want to use a custom URL? Set the name servers to reflect your own domain name ie.
  • No unwanted advertising on your website - Synthasite places no unwanted, distracting ad's on your website!
  • Place your own affiliate or Google Adsense ads on your site and keep 100% of your earnings.
  • Easy ordering - Visitors can just click on the photo in the Yolo slide show, and they are wisked away to your SmugMug gallery where they can order prints, photo gifts and digital downloads of the image.

SmugMug and Yola are the perfect couple. I have always liked SmugMug the best out of all the online photo sharing services, but now it's unbeatable. You can have a nice online photo sharing gallery, and make a website to show off your favorite galleries. Build & host your website for with Yola.

Don't have a SmugMug gallery yet? Organize, show off and back-up your pictures online with a beautiful gallery like ours? Get a SmugMug online photo sharing gallery of your own! They feature unlimited photo storage and peace of mind because you'll never lose your priceless images if all your other copies of the photo are lost, you can just download them or order copies on a disc! Start your FREE Trial and make sure you enter SmugMug Coupon Code: uFBuV3GjBxfeQ exactly as shown for a $5 discount, if you decide to join when the 14-day free trial is over. I told you I was going to hook-you-up, enjoy your new galleries!

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