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Some things you can never get enough of, website traffic is one of those things. There are many types of website promotion you can do to increase your website traffic. We review some of the best ways to promote your photo website.

Search Engine Optimization For Photo Sites
Promote your photography related website on internet search engines like Google and MSN, by submitting and optimizing you web pages for a better Page Rank. Better page rank will lead to a higher SERP's (search engine result pages) for your specific keywords and tags. That means a lot more website traffic. There are many things you can do to optimize your website for better SERP's. Start by taking the time to research available search engine data about your...
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Advertise Your Photo Website with Google AdWords
Get focused traffic to your photo website today. Sign-up and write your ad, click and your ad is immediately live. You see the ad's on almost every website, because they work. Don't wait for the search engines to find you, take your photography website to them. You bid for the keywords you want to use and the cost per click starts at only 5ยข, but prime keyword clicks can cost much more.
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Write Ezine Articles
Writing articles for an online ezine is an excellent way to promote your photography website. When other webmasters re-publish your article on their website, the links to your website in the article resource box point to your website! It's a great way to build one-way inbound links and increase your photo website traffic.
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Compare Link Building Strategies
Start your own linking strategy. Linking is a very important part of running a website. Developing links that point to your photo website will bring you more traffic your way.

There are many ways to link in and out of your photo website. Compare different strategies.
Reciprocal Linking
Inbound one-way links
Outbound Links
Compare different ways of Link Building.

Start Social Bookmarking Your Webpages
Social bookmarking is a great way to reach new markets with your photo website. Some folks are using this new way of searching for information. Members save web pages they want to share or come back to later. Then other users rate the saved pages. Because the results are hand picked and independently rated, the search results can find targeted pages that are different than the traditional search engines results would give you. This is one of those free things you can join to increase your web site traffic and...
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Blogging To Promote Your Website
Start a blog and ping it to promote your photography website, keep your fans updated on what you've done, and events that are coming up. Then link to your main photo website or gallery from your blog post to your main photo website with selective link text to increase your...
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Promote Your Photo Website With A Photo MoBlog!
Photo MoBlogging is not only fun, it can bring visitors to your photography website! You just snap photos with your CamPhone, enter a brief title and comment on the keypad and send it off to your Photo MoBlog. It's almost instantly posted to your blog. You can go in later and put a link to your main photo website with some keywords for the link text and...
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Promote Your Photography Blog, Ping It!
The whole idea behind having a blog is that people will read it. There are special search engines that specialize in just blogs and you can notify these search engines when you've made a new post by what's called pinging them. Pinging sends a signal to the ping servers that a fresh entry has been made. This is a free service and some pingers send your signal to several...
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How To Use Flickr To Promote Your Photo Website
Flickr is really cool and it's free! Start your own gallery at Flickr and share your photographs with the Flickr community. Join photo clubs and send your pictures to the club gallery for everyone to see. Here's how to link the picture to your main website and bring in photography related traffic to your main website from Flickr, plus get great...
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