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As a pro member, PhotoStockPlus provides you with your own e-commerce enabled pro photo website, In a day, you can put together an online gallery to sell your event photography in very attractive templates. Customize your turn-key photography website with your own logo, contact details and more.

Now, go take some great shots and hand out cards at at a sporting events, what do you do now?

Like any business with a great product, the first thing you need is a place where people can see what you have to offer, and then have the ability to easily purchase what they like. So send them to your online gallery or better yet email them a link to the gallery.

PhotoStockPlus Gallery Highlights:

  • Try it out with a Free Trial
  • Photo Gift Selection- A full selection of photo gift products to offer your customers, customized with your images. Clients choose which photos they want to add to the photo gift.
  • Service Charge- You keep 85% commission on the mark-up minus a 3.25% processing fee when users pay by credit card.
  • Print Variety & Quality- They offer a large variety of print and enlargement sizes printed on Fuji Crystal archive paper and with a state of the art Fuji frontier printing machine.
  • Set Your Own Prices- General pricing templates for you to use or customize and mark-up these prices to any amount you want.
  • Accepting Payments- They take care of all payments for you and keep your customers happy by accepting multiple payment methods.
  • Product Fulfillment- All product order fulfillment is handled by StockPhotoPlus.
  • Prompt Shipping- out their orders fast. US clients will typically receive orders within three to five business days, depending upon the customization of the order and shipping method.
  • Customer Service- Order tracking and reprints are all covered for you.
  • Promotional Tools- Use the Photo Stock Plus customizable business card and flyer templates to help promote your website and your photography. Your fliers include multiple examples of your photography, and direct your customers to your website where they can easily make purchases.
  • Press Passes- Photo Stock Plus is an internationally recognized company. They provide their pros with press credentials to allow you to get up close and personal at your photo shoots. Simply send us your user name along with a photo of yourself and we will have your press pass prepared. You are responsible for completing any necessary paper work for any upcoming events. We can verify your legitimacy on demand but can not guarantee you access to events. The press pass is an official document.
  • Image Protection- Your photos are displayed as compressed images online (only about 40kb) they are not large enough to be used. The images are also watermark protected and watermarks can be customized, protecting your images once they have been uploaded.
  • Creating & Protecting Albums- Create as many albums or events as you like. Send clients to your home page or directly to an event album. You can also password protect albums for private viewings.
  • Quality Guarantee- PhotoStockPlus offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Photography Job Assignments- If buyers can't find what they need in our database they can post assignments which our pro photographers can respond to. We require a small deposit from the buyer before posting the assignment and then you will have the ability to present photos for the assignment. All photographers may post work. Clients will generally pay from $100 to $300 per photo, but it's up to the buyer.

Photo Stock Plus Pro-Membership Fees- Get to know it with a Free Trial. When you decide join, membership is:

  • $24.95 a month 500 megabyte account up to 10,000 compressed event images.
  • $99.00 per year for a 500 megabyte account with up to 10,000 compressed images.
  • $29.95 a month for a 2 gigabyte account which is up to 40,000 compressed images.
  • $199.00 per year for the 2 gigabyte account approx. 40,000 compressed event images.
  • Sell your stock photography on the same membership. Photograph weddings or shoot sports events.
    • Most online pro gallery services stop right here, but PhotoStockPlus allows you to sell stock photos and event photography from the same control panel at your website. You choose which photos to sell as Stock Photography and which images to showcase in your event photography gallery!

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