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Photography is your passion, your dream, your life. photography school will prepare you for an exciting career as a professional photographer with the proper photography education for your field of study. There are many opportunities awaiting photographers with the right qualifications. Photography school will prepare you for the working world of photography, and greatly improve your chances of landing an epic job.

Why go to school for photography? A college degree in photography may lead to that otherwise, out of reach dream job! At photography school, you have the opportunity to learn the photographic skills required to turn pro. You also have the opportunity to meet contacts that help your career as a professional photographer. Some photographer schools have post-graduate job placement programs to get graduates working. Photography school students can also complete internships with newspapers or magazines during the summer months, enhancing their future resumes.

  • Select a specialty- Completely research each field of study, you will get an idea of the field of study your interested in. Narrowing down your specialty to the career profiles you'd like to pursue ,when you graduate. You can focus on obtaining the occupational skills required for your specialty.
  • Photography school locations- Where the photography school is located is an important consideration. Consider the cost of living in the area where the school is located. Job availability and rent cost are two things you can check on community colleges and online classes are a popular option If moving to another location is not possible.
  • Tuition Cost- The cost of tuition while attending school can play a major role in your ultimate decision. Research scholarships and financial aid that may be available.

Request information from each photography school you are considering attending and maybe even a few more just for reference purposes. Then compare the programs for the schools that match your goals and narrow the list down to two or three that provide the curriculum.

Request Free Photography School Information
The Art Institute School System
Art Institutes has more than 45 educational institutions in North America, The Art Institutes system of schools has been providing post-secondary education programs in design, fashion, media arts including photography, for over 85 years. At Art Institutes, you'll be with fellow photographers and artists who are excited by what you bring to the photography school.

NYU-School of Continuing and Professional Studies
NYU, uses technology to teach technology. You'll experience the world's most sophisticated online classroom, thanks to the high standards and pioneering quality of the Virtual College. The faculty is comprised of top industry professionals and educators that are motivated and ready to train you.

The Art Institute of Phoenix
Creative people require creative education. The Art Institute of Phoenix leads the way to these opportunities. Programs focus on photography, design, advertising, graphic, interior, and Web design. Others concentrate on animation, multimedia, video, and culinary arts. These programs have been developed by The Art Institutes System of Schools with an eye toward tomorrow's careers.

McIntosh College
Consider this an invitation to the next level of your life. If you've come this far you know it takes more than a high school diploma to compete in today's business world. Your vision for a better future combined with our dedicated McIntosh College teachers, staff and focused educational programs can help you find the future.

Center for Digital Imaging Arts Boston University
In every generation, there are artists who change their medium forever with new tools, new techniques, or simply by expressing their vision in a new way. With the advent of digital imaging tools, artists once again have the opportunity to explode the boundaries of creative expression. With new and innovative methods for you to tell your stories, express your dreams, and share your passions. Today, digital photography, film making, 3D animation, visual effects, game art & design, and interactive graphic design are making new things possible.

The Ohio Institute of Photography
Have you been looking for an Ohio college that teaches things you're interested in? Maybe an Ohio career college that teaches you photography or graphic design? Need Film & Photography Training Believe it or not, Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology teaches all those things and more! In fact, the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology focuses on providing career training in diverse areas such as health care, multimedia, photography, criminal justice and graphic design.
Everest University
Our mission is to provide men and women of all ages with the practical skills, education and training needed to excel in their chosen fields. The Melbourne campus provides an invaluable and timely service to society by preparing students to meet and exceed existing needs in the employment arena. We are totally committed to this objective and to the success of our students.
The Art Institute of Minnesota
Conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis. Our students are creative, competitive, and open to new ideas. They place great value on an education that prepares them for a challenging career and a lifetime of personal and professional opportunity. Relating to students at a personal level is emphasized.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster is the world's leader in distance education. Because of our unique at-home training method, Penn Foster makes it easy to attain the degree or diploma you desire, no matter where you are located. With Penn Foster, adults can achieve a Specialized Associate Degree or Career Diploma from over 75 distance learning programs to help advance their careers and achieve personal satisfaction.

The Academy of Art University
This San Francisco based university is the leader in online art education. Take classes at a time and place that is convenient for you. Learn from a faculty of working professionals and interact with fellow students without setting one foot inside a classroom. If a future in art and design is your dream, Academy of Art University can make it happen. Work toward your degree or certificate in Fashion Merchandising, Computer Arts, Interior Design, Photography, and much more!

Hallmark Institute of Photography
Hallmark Institute is in beautiful Western Massachusetts. Unlike many other fine photography schools, Hallmark offers only one program of study: Professional Photography. The program provides a real-world, serious approach to professional photographic education. Our objective is to successfully educate and graduate professional image makers with the skills necessary for success. Upon completion of the Hallmark Institute program, you can expect to be qualified to open your own photographic business.

The New York Institute of Photography
Do you love photography? Want professional photographer courses, or free photo tips to help you take better pictures? This is the right place! New York Institute of Photography, the world's largest photography school, offers home study photography training to make you an excellent photographer in less time. Learn to use all aspects your digital camera, or 35mm SLR. Master exposure, lenses, pro techniques; study wedding and action/sports photography, digital photography, photojournalism, portraiture, kids and animal photography, other photographic subjects. Request free no-obligation about The New York Institute of Photography.

Brooks Institute of Photography
Brooks Institutes's programs are designed for anyone who aspires to a career in photography or film making as well as working photographers who seek new skills to advance their careers. As we enter the era of global communication, we will continue to provide one of the finest educations in photography and film making available. Here are some tips from Brooks Institute about choosing the right photography school.

Photography Schools Location Map

Location! Location! Location! Trying to narrow down the right school for you? There are lots of things to consider when picking a photography school, and the location of the school is one of the primary considerations.

How do you know what location is best for you? Now you can quickly and easily find top photography school locations across the USA and check them out 1st hand from a perspective only Google Maps can provide, looking down from a satellite! Zoom in to see exactly where the school is located, and what the area is like. Location is a major part of your decision about which campus you choose to attend. This map helps you to see the big picture!

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Learn Freelance Photography
Photography school is great if you can swing it, but not all successful photographers went to school to learn the craft. Many artists just go for it and do extremely well. If you want to freelance it, all you really need is a good workflow system. Now, you could just wing it and learn what works through trial and error. But why not get a head start using a proven, successful system? You can you get a blueprint for a successful photography operation and learn a photographic system that works. Photography eBooks lay out a system that you can follow to get off to a good start...

The more you know... Compare the photography education programs offered by top colleges, universities, institutes and online education that offer photography programs. A great place to start is by requesting information packages from the photography schools you are interested in. The schools create informative packages to familiarize you with the details about the courses, campus, financial aid and more to answer many of your questions.

Considering going to photography school? Compare photographer education programs offered by campus based Schools, Colleges and Universities. Plus, request information from online accredited vocational-technical programs from online photography schools like Penn Foster Career School. To choose the photography school that's right for you, first narrow down the many fields of photography to the ones you are most interested in. Fields of photography that are most in need of qualified photographers right now are in the medical and chemical industries. Of course, these jobs require medical or other degrees in addition to photography education. Here's a helpful article about picking the best field of photography study for you.

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Harvard does not accept 8 out of 10 high school valedictorians. Applicants and parents puzzled ask, what does it take to get in? When students with perfect SAT scores are rejected. While there is no specific criteria for getting into a top school, actually the biggest reason for rejections is not taking the admissions essay seriously enough.

Over one-third of the time an admissions officer spends on your application is spent evaluating your essay. Admissions officers use the essay to compare hundreds or even thousands of applicants with similar grades, activities, and SAT scores. Admissions officers are very busy. You have got to stick out, your essay should articulate use of grammar and your ability to write engaging, structured prose. Your essay should reflect your unique character and personality in a way that wants an admissions officer that is busy to want you.
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1. Don't Thesaurusize Your Essay. Just Write In Your Own Voice.
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2. Write Interesting And Engaging Content
Write your admissions essay so that admissions officers are captivated with you. They must read hundreds of essays, and they must trim some applicants off the list. Admissions officers aren't looking for a new way to view the universe; they want a new way to understand you.

3. Show Them Don't Just Tell Them, Share Personal Details.
Winning essays are rich with personal details. Demonstrate to admissions officers through personal detail that your experiences you have learned lessons are useful both on and off the field. Show don't tell. If you want to relate a personal quality, do not merely assert it, show it.

4. Be Very Specific. Don't Be Wordy.
Wordiness not only takes up valuable space, it clouds the important ideas you are conveying. Short sentences are more direct and to the point. Use active verbs rather than forms of adverbs and adjectives.

5. Sound Personal However Don't Use Slang, Dude!
Avoid writing in an overly casual tone. Remember your writing an essay, not an email. Slang terms, clichés, contractions, and an overly casual tone should be eliminated.

6. Use Smooth Transitions And Vary Your Sentences.
The best essays have a variety of sentence lengths mixed within any given paragraph. Also, remember that transition is not limited to words like nevertheless, furthermore or consequently. Good transition flows from the natural thought progression of your argument.

7. Use Active Voice Verbs.
Passive-voice expressions are verb phrases where the subject receives the action expressed in the verb. Passive voice employs a form of the verb to be, such as was or were. Overuse of the passive voice makes prose seem flat and uninteresting.

8. Seek Multiple Opinions.
Ask your friends and family to keep these questions in mind:

  • Have I answered the question?
  • Does my introduction engage the reader? Does my conclusion provide closure?
  • Do my introduction and conclusion avoid summary?
  • Do I use concrete experiences as supporting details?
  • Have I used active-voice verbs wherever possible?
  • Is my sentence structure varied, or do I use all long or short sentences?
  • Are there any clichés such as cutting edge or learned my lesson?
  • Are transitions properly?
  • What's most memorable about the essay?
  • What is the worst part of the essay?
  • Do any parts of the essay need elaboration and are they clear cut?
  • Are there any parts of the essay do not support my main argument?
  • Is absolutely every single sentence essential to the essay? This must be true.
  • Does the essay reveal details about my personality?

9. Answer the Question.
Some students attempt to turn a 500-word essay into an autobiography. Of course, they never to answer the question and jeopardize their odds of getting admitted to photography school. Make sure that every sentence in your essay exists solely to answer the question.

10. Revise, Revise, Revise.
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