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I read a lot of photography articles on the internet. Some photo articles are well written and some articles are nothing more than advertising. When I read a good photography related article with valuable information I post it here.

19 Aug 2006    Photo Stealing on the Internet
Should you worry about photo thievery on the Internet?
Many photographers who place their photographs can expect surfers to "borrow" their image. But will a professional photo editor at a publishing house steal photos? The author's experience of twenty years on the Internet says, No.
21 Jul 2006    The Right Way to Photo Sales
There's a right way and a wrong way to all endeavors - and stock photo selling is no different.
6 Jun 2006    Photography Courses Online
Not only are there online courses available, but also, for those who need to brush up on specific techniques, such as marketing - there are electronic books (e-books) available, most of these are written by professional photographers already making money in a competitive market. These books cover how to market a small business, photographic techniques, and photographic markets.
6 Jun 2006    What Types Of Photography Are There?
There are many avenues open to a professional photographer. Some actually graduate from the world of business into corporate photography. Corporate photography has many facets, lets explore some of them.
4 Jun 2006    Click and Print: Photography Websites
What makes a digital photographer's website stand out from the crowd? This article answers that question and explains how a website is an integral part of any digital photography business.
4 Jun 2006    Why Not Start Your Own Photography Business?
If you want to start your own photography business, it is a good idea to check what competitors you have in your area or the competition in your style or subject of photography. Have you ever noticed that people’s photography skills shine when they take photo’s of things they really love...
3 Jun 2006    The Seven Most Popular Wedding Shots
Capture EPIC moments in time, laugh and smile for the camera!
3 Jun 2006    The Case for Using a Tripod
You'll be amazed at the sharpness of your pictures when you use a tripod.
3 Jun 2006    Business Practices for Photographers
Some photography business policies have to be learned the hard way. Helpful suggestions on what photo business policys you should adopt and follow.
1 Jun 2006    Pros and Cons of Sharing Digital Wedding Files
Should you give or sell the original digital image to your clients?
9 Nov 2005    Flows EzineArticles
Articles written by Brandon that have been published by ezine articles. The subect include photography jobs, camera reviews, photo viewer reviews, and more.
21 Oct 2005    Photography Jobs- How to Become a Ski Bum, I Mean a Professional Photographer
I'm not suggesting that you do somthing spontaneous like pack up and move up to the mountains. But unless you've got somthing better to do than make good money and ski alot... A career in photography should be fun and rewarding. And I can't think of a better way to describe an on ski-mountain photographer job. Spend the winter at one of americas top ski resorts as a professional photographer, learning valuable skills that you can use the rest of your life. Have fun skiing to and from your work location. These photography jobs will fill up fast so hurry
16 Oct 2005    Portrait Photography-Ski Area Photos That Sell- Location, Location, Location
There are certain photographers on the mountain that always seem to outperform others. What's their secret? How do they sell $2000 in photos on a good day? Read on!

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