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This is a wonderful time to be a photographer! Thanks to the digital revolution, and amazing growth of the internet, there are more photography jobs today than ever.

Ask yourself, All things considered, which would you prefer?

  • Freelance Photographer Job- Carve out your own niche in the world of photography.
  • Employed Photography Job- The photographer career opportunities in the field of photography have never been so diverse. Find a field within the photographic industry your interested in and work as a photographer for someone else.

Many artists find that a combination work approach works best for them. They find a balance between a professional photography job, and freelance photography work on the side, for personal expression and of course extra income.

Here at Digital Photography Website we feature multiple resources for finding a photography job. Compare several top online employment agencies like Monster, HotJobs, and more. Compare  their features and pick the one that fits your style. Then write a killer resume and go get your dream job!

Another good idea is to look on Craigslist for photographer jobs. If you haven't heard of Craigslist, scroll down and find out more below, it's the best classifieds on the internet and most likely, CraigsList has photographer job listings for photography work not far from you.

Freelance Photographer Jobs
A great place to find a photographer job! Compare online employment agencies like, Yahoo HotJobs, and more for the career service that's best for you. Great photographer job leads on photography jobs at top resorts in the USA too. Shoot at Vail CO, Jackson Hole WY, or Lake Tahoe California! Resorts are now hiring, spend the summer photographing tourists participating in recreational activities like rafting.
Online Employment Agencies Job Finder
How can you submit your resume to more than 70 online job agencies at the same time? Resume Rabbit !!! Write yourself a professional resume and send it off to, Career Builder, HotJobs etc. with a few clicks of your mouse. Then wait for the results which ResumeRabbit emails to you. If you'd rather not spend every waking moment on your job photography career search, why not let ResumeRabbit's great tools do the work for you, while you carry on with the rest of your life. Get a job and a life with Resume Rabbit! Jobs
Need a Change? If your tired of your job, you should at least see what's out there. Right? At, create and post your photographer resume at your account and go job hunting! You get complete access to all of Monster's effective tools like job finding tips and techniques, valuable career advice and much more. Your dream job is waiting for you!

Yahoo HotJobs Job Finder
HotJobs by Yahoo, lets you filter your photography job search criteria in various ways, like by job location, category, qualifications etc. for a more focused career search. Scout out the rewarding career opportunities available in the photographic field at Yahoo! HotJobs. If you land the right photography job it may be the best career move you ever made...

Freelance Work Exchange
GoFreelance has a variety of work-at-home and freelance job listings. Often companies and individuals need work done to complete projects. Go Freelance hooks up these companies with freelance workers, capable of doing the work. I have seen some great projects for photographers pop up there, plus they feature lots of writing jobs, which certainly can help keep the money coming in between photo shoots if your good with words. Give GoFreelance a try, It's a great way to earn money online at home.

Freelance Photographer Resources
Resume Writing Services
Sometimes the key to landing your dream job is setting yourself apart from the crowd and a great photographer resume can really make a big difference. When a photographer job listing is posted by an employer there can be many applicants. Job candidates send in their resumes and and wait for the follow up call. The applicants with the best resumes are the ones that get the job interview, and the chance at the job position. Don't short cut this very important step. Compare the top best resume writing services.
Photography Job Forum
Check out our new resource for photography employers and job seekers. Get connected at Freelance Photographer Jobs, with our new photography job forum. Place your FREE photographer help-wanted ad to find the perfect photographer, for that custom one-time job or part/ full-time employee. If you are a photographer seeking to pick up work, to fill a slow period or hook-up with full-time work with a company, leave your info at the forum you might get discovered!

Pro Photographer Galleries- Sell Your Photography
Ever consider starting your own photo gallery online and going pro? Check out these great opportunities for photographers. Shoot as many photos as you want and upload them to your pro gallery. Your clients and gallery visitors can order your photography in a variety of print and enlargement sizes. Some services offer photo gifts for your customers too. Check them all out and pick a service that fits your style.
Read more about Pro Photo Galleries
Sell Stock Photos
Do you want to become a freelance photographer or are you looking for a place to sell your photos online? Here's a review of the top stock photo agencies, just Compare stock photo services, sign-up for the one that fits your style and go pro!
Read more about where to Sell Stock Photos
Going to school? Request free information here.
It wouldn't hurt to look into an educational opportunities. You can request a free information package with no-obligation to enroll. Request information from a few Colleges or University's to compare programs. You will find online classes and campus programs. It only takes a minute, but you'll get lots of info.
Request Free information from photography schools
EARN $200+ PER DAY TAKING SIMPLE PHOTOGRAPHS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA! This is no "get-rich-quick" scheme. However, with a little effort you can enjoy the financial and personal freedom you have always wanted. This opportunity is real and will show you exactly how to get started. Banking and insurance institutions nationwide have vested interests in homes, cars, commercial property, businesses, trucks, RVs, boats, stores, restaurants, or any entity requiring financing or insurance. These companies need to have updated and accurate information on the condition of this property continuously. It is simply not cost effective for them to have "field reps" in every single town in the United States. So, these institutions "sub" out their work to independent reps all over the country. Once trained, your services will be in high demand! Find out more about
Photography Career Books
Learn how to sell your photos for a profit and build a photography business of your own! Reading books written by expert photographers-authors that share their wisdom and share the insider secrets. You can find out exactly how to set up your own photography business and photo website. Find out what sells, how to sell them, how to price them etc.
Check out some great Photographer Career Books.
The ultimate destination to find a job in the Outdoor Industry. Join other career-minded people who have successfully combined their passion for the outdoors with a challenging, fun and rewarding job. Be part of the Outdoor Industry - find an outdoor job or career here! Check-out

Craigs List
Craigslist is an amazing resource for just about everything and photographer jobs are no exception. Check for photography jobs in your area whether you reside in Florida, Colorado or Washington and every state in between. It's also good for searching jobs abroad, as they have listings for most countries. Check-out Craigs List for freelance jobs in your area!
Starved Artists
Imagine for a moment, that you need a Tree or Dog Photo for a project, where do you buy it? Starved Artists is a great website for emerging artists. Sign up for a gallery today and start selling your photography online tommorrow. showcases your photography direct to online buyers. Basic Membership is only $9.95 (one time set up fee!) or select the Premium Membership for $79.95 (per year). Premium members receive far greater expoure through the featured photos and artists pages. Start building your photography store today. Your store will be open for public view in less than 24 hours!
Read more about StarvedArtists

Indeed Photographer Job Search Engine

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could search thousands of online employment services like,,, plus thousands of newspaper and online classifieds all at once? Indeed it would be! searches literally thousands of top job resources with millions of job listings when you use the search box below.

Give it a try, you'll like it!

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The world has an insatiable desire for images of all kinds. Webmasters, advertisers and the media all need pictures for their projects. Surf the web and it's absolutely loaded with pictures, go to the mall more pictures, drive around the city and what do you see? Pictures everywhere! Those images must come from somewhere.

Should you even pursue a career as a professional photographer? Well, if you love photography and your motivated and talented, you'll have a wonderful, enjoyable and rewarding life as a professional photographer. So yes, if you are a go getter with talent!

How do you get started with a photography career? Online and newspaper classifieds are one way, and one of your best bets is online job finder services  like Yahoo's Hot Jobs and

Inside DPW we feature the top online employment agencies and  job finder services available today. Compare HotJobs versus and ResumeRabbit and narrow down the one that best suits your particular needs.

Photographer job tip-  Be flexible, keep an open mind to photography jobs that are not in your local area, a move could be just what you need to spark up your creativity!

How much can you expect to earn as a professional photographer? That really depends! Check out what the the US Department of Labor, Bureau Of Statistics has to say about the conditions of photographer working conditions, photographer training, qualifications, employment, photography job outlook, photographer earnings estimates, photography related occupations, sources of additional photographer job information and more.

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