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Kids with cameras 2 and 3 years old are snapping photos at home, on vacation, the park, playground...

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Digital Cameras For Kids

Could your toddler be an amazing photographer? Digital cameras for children are here and according to the kids, they are a big hit! The new digital cameras for kids are extremely easy to operate and made kid tough.

When you buy a kids camera you'll set into motion a passion that lasts a lifetime. The thing that's so wonderful about kids digital cameras, is that your kids will take pictures while your at work all day. When you get home it's a special moment when they share the highlights of their day and the special moments of their lives with you. You'll find it's a valuable bonding experience it offers you a glimpse of your childs day and insight about your child that's priceless.



Compare Kids Digital Cameras

Compare the features and specifications of kids digital cameras. The quality of images produced bou kids cameras is extremely variable. Several of the cameras made for kids are not much more than toys, however there are a few that do a good job. Use our handy comparison chart to buy a kids camera in your price range with the features that you want for your child.

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Camera (new version)

The new and improved Fisher Price Kid-Tough Camera has bigger LCD screen and much higher resolution than the original. Up from just .3MP the new version of the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera now sports 1.3MP for much better picture quality! Available in pink for girls and blue for boys it will capture a 640 x 480 resolution image for good 4" x 6" prints.

Hello Kitty Kids Digital Cameras

Hello Kitty makes a few different kids digital cameras. The Hello kitty VGA, Hello kitty Digital Camera with BLING, and a very nice 5 MP Hello Kitty Digital Camera digital camera. Check out the Hello Kitty camera line and buy the best kids camera for your child.

Disney Pix Click Kids Cameras

Disney Pix Click digital cameras for kids are a nice way for kids to get creative and make their own digital imaging art. Leave it to Disney to come up with a new twist on the kids camera idea. Now the kids can add their favorite Disney Characters to their photos! Each Disney Pix Click digital camera for kids is theme based and lets the child add the character to the picture!

VTech KidiZoom Kids Camera

The VTech KidiZoom is a fun camera designed especially for small children so they can enjoy the instant satisfaction of creating pictures, making movies, and playing games. The VTech KidiZoom digital camera is best for ages 3 to 6 years, this toy lets your child explore and grow their artistic side, and it's alot cleaner than finger painting!

Digital Concepts Crayola Digital Camera

The is designed to promote creativity! It has a helpful preview screen, and a handle on each side so kids can hold it real steady. So easy to use, a three year old can do it! Includes extremely child-friendly editing software that lets kids create their own stories, slide shows, puzzles, more. The Crayola Kids Camera stores approx. 93 low resolution photos.

Sesame Street Kids Digital Camera
Saving precious moments is easy for kids, thanks to the Sesame Street Real Digital Camera for kids. This real digital camera features a Sesame Street theme, 1.5-inch LCD screen, built-in flash, big view finder, 8MB of built-in memory and an SD memory card (not included) slot for adding extra memory. Sesame Street Camera includes a USB cord to connect to your computer, wrist strap and software.

Generally, kids digital cameras are designed to be easier for smaller hands to hold good and steady. However, when buying a digital camera for kids, keep in mind that these are toys! With a couple of exceptions, digital cameras for children produce rather low resolution images that are typically grainy and by adult camera standards are of relatively poor quality. So if you buy a toy camera be prepared to lower your image quality standards. I think of it like this- it's like comparing a kids ride-on toy car that goes 2.5mph to your car, one's a toy car and one's a car. Now, the key to happiness with a kids camera is to judge images on a different scale. Your appreciation and praise

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