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When your looking to pick up new techniques to improve your images buy a good "how to" photography book or two and practice the tricks you learn in the book.

Digital Photography Website along with bring you the best how to photography books available. You can learn how to photograph almost anything by reading books by expert authors and pro photographers. Choose from a variety of buy it new or used and save! Learn more about all areas of photography and become a well rounded photographer. Amateurs and pros can benefit from the information available in selected photography books. The more you know...

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Digital Photography Books
There's a lot to digital photography. I mean, who can keep up? People that read, that's who! If you want to learn a lot about digital photography, check out these popular digital photography books. They will get you up to speed in a hurry! Every digital photographer should have a good fresh, recent digital photography guide book or two in their photography book collection, for quick reference purposes. It's very helpful to have your guide handy, particularly when your shooting with new photography equipment, or when out of your element in uncharted photographer territory! I like guide books, some of my best images were the result of consulting my guide.
Photographer Career Books
Want to become a professional freelance photographer? There's a lot to learn, but photography school is not required! Now, you could just pave your own way, learning by trial and error or you can learn all the intricate details of each aspect of a pro photographer career by reading targeted photography career books from pro photographer expert authors who share their best tips and advice. If you are motivated, here's what you need to know to make it happen! Photography career books spell out the in's and out's of the photography business from marketing to the laws you need to know, allowing you to be successful in your photographic career field.
Photographer Law Books
My how times are changing. Now-a-days photographers need to know their rights and responsibilities, as well as how to expose the shot! Books that deal with the law aspects of photography are becoming a necessary part of the photographers equipment. Photographer law books from experts that specialize in the topic can help answer many of your questions, like when can you_____? and when do you need a_____? etc...
Travel Photographer Books
Want amazing travel pictures? If you want travel photos that impress anyone who looks at them, check-out these detailed travel photography guide books. Find out not only how to compose great travel photos, but where to find the best locations at the spots your traveling to, and even the best time of the day for photographing certain locations. Otherwise you could accidentally miss a once in a life time "must photograph spot"!
Nature Photographer Books
Some wonderful expert nature photographers have written absolutely amazing how to take nature pictures books in which they share their best tips, tricks and techniques for capturing beautiful pictures of nature. Shooting great pictures of nature is no accident. There's a lot of planning that goes into every amazing nature photo you shoot. To shoot amazing images you must be in the right place at the right time with the necessary equipment, creativity and skills. Reading how to photograph nature books help prepare you for your shoot, so your ready to capture the perfect moment in nature for everyone to enjoy.
Portrait Photographer Books
Yes, you can teach yourself the art of portrait photography! You don't need to go to photography school to become a better portrait photographer. Learn posing techniques and other tricks of the trade, reading portrait photography how to books written by expert authors and pro photographers. Whether your an amateur or professional photographer you'll pick-up valuable tips and techniques that you can add to your repertoire!
Wedding Photographer Books
Looking for wedding photography ideas? Some new poses? A little inspiration? Ways to grow your wedding photography business? We have selected the best wedding photographer books, offering tips and techniques, not only for shooting better images, but for wedding photographers interested in growing and promoting their wedding photography service as well. Amateur, and pro wedding photographers alike can always use fresh new techniques and ideas to improve their wedding pictures. Take a look at these great books.
Black & White Photographer Books
Have you been on a black and white photography kick lately? Maybe you have always loved it? The timelessness of black and white photography evokes a classic feel to photographic images that color can't. Learn from expert pro photographers by reading photography books how to create compelling art with your digital camera, using a variety of tips, techniques and special equipment like filters. You can literally teach yourself the art of black & white photography by reading on your own!
How To PhotoShop Books
Creating images is only part of the photo equation. What you do or don't do in PhotoShop can just as important as capturing the image itself. Are you fluent in Photoshop? Teach yourself how to use the images you've captured to their fullest extent. Get the most out of your art work by mastering the amazing photography software tool known as PhotoShop. Learn Photoshop tricks and cheats reading books written by experts that share short cuts and new ways to use this wonderful tool. These books unleash the powers of creation for the image artist.
Kid Photographer Books
Photography used to be out of reach for children. Film and developing weren't cheap so good luck talking mom into that! Times have changed and thanks to digital photography kids can now shoot away, and you know what? Some of these kids are very good photographers! Especially the ones that receive some good instruction. Take a look at these how to photography books, they are geared towards kid photographers. They are easy to understand and they explain the basics of digital photography very well. Some of the books even have fun games and creative ways kids can use their digital camera and improve their young photographer their skills.

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