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The Complete Website Package From GoDaddy

This is where it all begins. Time to select your website domain name, hosting etc.

It's really handy having your domain registration, website hosting, servers, shopping cart and more all under one roof. Wow, what a time saver. Log in and check your traffic stats counter with GoDaddy Traffic Facts, then analyze website optimization, marketing and promotion with your GoDaddyTraffic Blazer package. You've got email! With your GoDaddy Express Marketing create eye-catching emails for your subscribers. NEW! The Image Library has more than 1,500 images or upload your own! No design skills necessary! All this and more at right your finger tips from your GoDaddy control panel.

Sign up today at and for each and every new, non-domain product you buy, get a domain name transfer, domain name renewal or new domain name for Only $1.99! No Quantity Limit!

Register Your Photography Website Domain Name Now
This is the fun part, Time to register your domain name with as this is your web address, the where you will send customers to reach your website. You may already have a few domain names in mind. Write them down and then try to think of several variations of those domain names. Now it's time to see if they are available. Perform an availability inquiry and see if one of the domain names is available...
More about Registering domain names.
GoDaddy Hosting & Servers
GoDaddy has 3 different hosting plans to choose from, depending upon your needs. They all include Email Accounts with spam, fraud, and virus protection, Webmail, Email Catch-all, 10 MB space, Free Software/Scripts Chat, Content Management, Image Galleries and NOW! Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries and more. GoDaddy is an excellent choice as your image host. Go Daddy offers affordable web hosting you can depend on with your priceless images. You can get Hosting from $3.95/mo. and up.
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GoDaddy's Traffic Blazer Website Optimization
When you send someone to your website, it should be easy to find on the internet. If they type your domain name into Google, Yahoo or MSN search etc. you want it to pop right up. Thats what GoDaddys Traffic Blazer Does!

Plus, if you use Traffic Blazer to optimize your site and build inbound links you will start getting search engine traffic too. Add the traffic counter to your site and watch your hits steadily go up.
Read about Traffic Blazer website optimization.

GoDaddy's Website Tonite 3.0 Easy Website Builder
The NEW WebSite Tonight 3.0 makes it easy, fast and fun for ANYONE to create their own digital photography website without spending a fortune! New WebSite Tonight 3.0 Features over 100 professionally designed templates, add your own photographs and graphics, and just type in your text. There are no manuals to read and no technical language to learn. It's quick! Just open your Internet browser, select your images and type in the text. In the time it takes to do it, your site gets built and/or updated. It's fun! Read about Website Tonite 3.0 website builder.
GoDaddy's Traffic Facts Statistics Counter
At first it's really fun seeing where your website visitors are from. Folks from around the world somehow find your website. Where do they come from and how did they find your photography website? GoDaddys Traffic Facts statistics counter Site Summary Information assembles your most critical web statistics in one place for quick review. Find out everything about your website visitor and after the fascination wears off, use the stats to improve the website for future visitors.
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Godaddy SSL Certificates
Assure your customers that you are a legitimate site. Secure your site with the highest level of online assurance available. The process verifies your photo sites identity and overall legitimacy.

Plus, up to 256-bit encryption enables you to protect financial transactions, ecommerce and other activity on your photography website. Once all your information is verified you receive a certification seal to display on your website.
Read about SSL Certificates.

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart
Use the GoDaddy Shopping Cart Wizard to build an attractive, online store in just six easy steps. Create and publish a stand alone store or add one to any existing website, choose from a number of professionally designed templates and layouts build your product catalog options, special pricing, offer shipping services, set up eBay auctions too and submit your products to the new Froogle search engine! GoDaddys Quick Shopping Cart includes full support for PayPal, wallet and credit card transactions.
Read about godaddy quick shopping cart.
GoDaddy Express Marketing- Email Services

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of email marketing and steer clear of ever being considered a spammer. No one wants to receive marketing emails they didn't request. It also provides tools to make sure that you comply 100% with all the new anti-spam laws. Complies with anti-spam laws by requiring that all subscribers added or imported to your account receive a confirmation e-mail. In addition, an opt-out link is located at the bottom of every campaign mailing, allowing subscribers to opt-out of future mailings.
Read about Express Email Marketing service.

Flashy Photography Website Templates
Impress your customers and website visitors with an absolutely beautiful photo gallery. These templates work perfectly with GoDaddy hosting packages.
Read About Flash Photography Templates

Find a domain name now!
.com .us .biz .info .net .org .ws .name .tv .cc .de .jp .be .at .uk .nz .cn .tw

Building your own Digital Photography Website is easy, even for beginners. It just takes time and commitment. New website building tools, make it fairly simple to build a photo website that is very professional looking. If you desire a more custom feel for your photography website, than even the wonderful ready to go galleries like SmugMug and Shutterfly offer. Then what you need to do is build a website with your very own domain name, for example

Then pick a nice custom gallery to show case your artwork, see photo gallery templates for samples. Website Promotion is vital to your success, you hand out business cards to clients, and when they type your domain name into the google search box, you want them to find you. Then you will want to promote it online, so that customers can find you on the web when they look. The Traffic Blazer Search Engine Optimization Tools from help get your website listed on search engines and in directories. It also analyzes important factors that help you dial in the site. Once you get going you will want to know who's been to the site what they looked at etc... and traffic facts keeps you in touch. Before I started using GoDaddy I had accounts all over the place for the different aspects of domain registration, hosting, search engine optimization, traffic, email etc... Now I log onto one account and have full control. What a time saver! Did you see the GoDaddy Super Bowl ad last year? That's how big is! In fact - World's #1 Domain Name Registrar.

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

Photography Website Templates

Want an amazing photography website? Host one of these wonderful flash website templates with a GoDaddy Hosting Package and add some GoDaddy options like Traffic Blazer, to make your dream come true!

More Photography Website Templates

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