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Canon PowerShot A640 Digital Camera Review

The 10.0-megapixel sensor allows for creative cropping while providing enough detail for large, high-quality prints. A new Safety Zoom takes advantage of the camera's high resolution to offer extra zoom magnification without affecting image quality--up to 16x zoom when shooting Small size images. Users can also activate the Digital Teleconverter to add extra telephoto reach on all shots, similar to adding a teleconverter lens to the camera.

The 4x optical zoom lens achieves a 35-140mm focal length (35mm equivalent) while allowing the Canon PowerShot A640 to maintain a compact size. The lens construction incorporates 8 elements in 7 groupings, including two aspherical elements to maximize sharpness across the whole image. With a maximum aperture range of f2.8 (wide) to f4.1 (telephoto), the lens is remarkably bright at the telephoto end.

ISO 800 mode improves results when shooting in low-light settings and enables flash-free photography indoors. The camera's High ISO Auto setting prioritizes fast shutter speeds by automatically using the higher range of ISO sensitivities, reducing the risk of unwanted image blur.

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