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Looking for just the right stock photo for a project? There's probably a photo somewhere out there that's exactly what you need, and you can buy it, download it and use it today quickly and easily, to complete your work. But where do you buy a stock photo? Compare popular alternatives from traditional stock to micro stock photo agencies below.
  • Traditional stock photography agencies whose images can be of higher quality and creativity than micro stock agencies. But they also cost considerably more too. If your looking for top quality photos for current news, advertising, magazine use etc. this may be your best choice.
  • Micro stock photo agencies offer subscription based stock photo services and othertypes of purchase plans are a new way to get photos for your project fast and cheap.
Review agencies below and compare stock photo services, because plans vary widely and choose the best stock photo service plan for your needs at this time.

Getty Images
Since 1995 Getty Images has supplied news agencies magazine editors, advertisers with amazing photography for their projects. Getty has offices in 21 countries and works with top professional photographers worldwide to bring you compelling photos from recent events for editorial use and Art directed photos for creative use. Have a photo assignment you need completed? No problem Getty Images can make it happen!

Dreamstime Stock Photos
Dreamstime is the third largest stock photo agency in the world. They have more than 20,000 photographers worldwide uploading thousands of new images daily, with over 2 million pictures to choose from. Stock photos from Dreamstime are very reasonably priced too, ranging from 20ยข to $2.00 each depending upon how many you buy and which plan you select. Stock Photos
At you pay one low price ($139.95/mo.) and download the images you need, when you need them, up to 250 photos per day. It's great if you really need a lot of images. Go online every day for a month and really stock up! Get everything you'll need for a while. has a great selection too, over 300,000 stock photos to pick from in every category you can imagine.
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Shutterstock Buy Stock Photos
Shutterstock is a subscription based stock photo service. You purchase a membership for 1, 3 and 6 months or a full year (the best value). The one month membership is $159 and allows you to download up to 25 stock photos per day for total of around 750 photos in one month. The Shutter Stock inventory is mind boggling with well over a million images and growing with over 10,000 new images every week!
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Choose from over 1/2 million stock photos at for just $1.40-$2.50 each! No subscription fees, buy as many or as few as you need. You save money by buying more photo credits and they never expire. Anytime you need a stock photo for a project, pick your pix, use a photo credit and get on with the job! More about Buy Stock Photos Stock photo service offers hand-picked quality checked images by a very exclusive team of professional photographers. offers 177,772 unique images for sale as stock photography and prints. Low Resolution Images are roughly $70-$80, Medium Resolution Images are around $170-$200 and High Resolution images from $300-$400.
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All of the listed photo stock services listed here are really good. Which of the stock photo services is best for your situation? Read each review and click on the link to check them out then decide.

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