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Build a Photography Niche Store

Make money with The Number 1 eBay Affiliate Script and don't list or ship a thing. Sell other peoples stuff that's already listed, and make an excellent commission as an eBay affiliate!

Have you ever thought of becoming an eBay seller? It's a big hassle. If you were really motivated, you could put camera equipment listings on eBay. Just find a great buy on photography equipment (yeah right!), photograph it and list it on eBay. Buyers would bid on your photo equipment, you'd accept payment, pack and ship the camera equipment. Then you pay your eBay seller fees and what you have left is your profit.

But Wait, there's a new way to build an eBay business!

It's still focused around eBay, but it doesn’t involve you selling anything yourself on eBay. It's based on the eBay affiliate program and an easy niche website builder called what else? "Build A Niche Store"

What's an Affiliate program? You promote the products of a company in exchange for a commission on all sales that you refer. You are an internet go-between, connecting web shoppers to companies and products they need through you own network of websites and marketing methods.

How does the eBay affiliate program work? You to promote any product listing you want in the eBay marketplace and in exchange! When you sell a product on your niche site eBay will pay you up to 75% of the revenue they make from each and every sale. Plus, refer new members and get up to $35 for each new active eBay member you refer.

check-out the affiliate program.

What's the commission again? No kidding, you can earn up to three quarters of eBay’s cut, just for hooking people up with other peoples eBay products in your photography niche eBay store.

Team up with with the best marketplace on the internet, and get full access and control over each and every one of the products listed in your photography niche store. In essence the entire eBay inventory becomes YOUR product inventory and yet you don't have to stock any equipment, mess with payments, shipping, customer service or deal with exchanges and refunds.

Just think, now you are not limited to selling products which you can buy and hopefully squeaking out some kind of a profit margin. Build a niche site for ANY niche market relevant to the niche you've chosen and funnel targeted traffic through your eBay niche site and into your own affiliate commissions. You know how Huge it is, there are NO limits!

Well this sounds interesting but in reality is there any money in it? Well, oh my goodness! Top eBay affiliates make over 1 million dollars a month. That’s right, without stocking, selling or shipping a single thing!

Now eBay itself does have basic free tools to help you as an eBay affiliate. However the development of a new tool from outside of eBay that has made this a totally legitimate business income opportunity.

The tool, is called "Build A Niche Store" and what it lets you build eBay affiliate websites targeted to photography or any eBay niche you want.

So what do they look like? Here are a couple of examples, one targeting Race Cars and the other Golf Equipment:

Race Car eBay Affiliate Website
Golf eBay Affiliate Website

Look great don't they? These niche websites are professional looking and have eBay products related to their target niche inside a searchable store format, that contains your unique eBay affiliate id.

Here's the trick! BANS automatically update as new products are listed for sale and old listings expire from the eBay marketplace. And, the Build a Niche Store software has built in features which enable you to create new store pages, add new content switch your template...

Does it take forever to build a niche store? Once you are familiar with how the software works, you can build a fully functional eBay affiliate niche website in 20-30 minutes.

Your store content is search engine optimized for attracting targeted traffic from the search engines, to attract more targeted visitors and eBay affiliate commissions.

  • Think about how many niches eBay caters to!
  • How big could your eBay affiliate business be?!
  • This product gets my full recommendation – check it out today…

Build A Niche Store comes with a step by step user guige to coach even the most technically challenged through setting up their eBay affiliate niche website.

Includes a lifetime member BANS forum access, comprehensive product support and possibly most importantly, an UNLIMITED domain license which means you can build as many of these niche websites as you want for the small one time fee.

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