Aperture 2 Photo Software by Apple
Aperature 2 offers a streamlined workflow for busy professional photographers...

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Aperture 2 Photography Software

Tame the workflow beast! Apple Aperture 2 empowers the pro photographer with improved image handling and editing. Tired of spending hours retouching your images? The streamlined workflow of Aperture allows you to import, enhance and manage your photography with smart ways for adding your image keywords, photo captions, meta data, even copyright information!

  • Quick preview mode- allows you to quickly review and compare your photographic images side by side.
  • Built in Digital Loupe- Scrutinize photo details with a digital magnifying Loupe that highlights images from 50-1600%.
  • Flexible export options- Compatible Aperture plugin's are available for the major online photo sharing services such as SmugMug, Flickr, ZenFolio and Picasa for quick easy uploading.
  • Pro Quality Printing- 16 bit printing for smoother, better colors.

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