All about Linking- How to InBound, OutBound and Recipocal Link To Your Site
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All About Linking

Link Popularity (linkpop) is is based on the concept that, the more pages that link to a page, the more important the page is and so it deserves a higher ranking than it would have without the link. Now, if a link comes from a page that has inbound links. The more inbound links that point to that page, the more important that page is and the fewer links outbound from the web page the more importance it gives your page when it links to you! And the more important your page, the more search engine traffic you will receive.

Google is the #1 search engine, and performs about 80% of all the searches provided on the www. So it's extremely important if you want search engine traffic to optimize your website for Google!

Optimizing your website (SEO) for Google means the site must have good inbound links, as many of them as possible and preferably from important pages (pages with a medium to high Google PageRank). Deep Linking is when you link to a web page on your website that is not your main homepage. How to make a link

Recipocal Linking- Build Links To Your Photo Site
Reciprocal linking is when you trade links with another website. First put a link on your website to the website you want to do a reciprocal link with. Then contact the webmaster at the other website to request a link back. It's important to have the link up when you request a linking trade so that the webmaster can visualize the...
Inbound Links
Building one-way inbound links (backlinks) to your website is not always easy. Of course these are the most important links you can have. Google and other search engines give more importance to links that point to your website if the site linking to yours will link without a link in return. More often than not if you have a website that visitors like, webmasters will just link to your site unbeknownst to you until you run your...
Outbound Links from Your Website To Other Websites
You don't want to link your website to just any website that comes along, here's some information to consider before you link out to other websites from yours. A link to a banned or low ranking website can have a negative impact on your SERPs...

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