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Hi, I'm Brandon "flowski", a pro photographer from Lake Tahoe California. I enjoy hiking the Tahoe area trails and photographing landscapes, nature and anything I find interesting. I've enjoyed photography since I was a kid shooting pictures with my K-mart 110mm Tele-Focal.

Now, Jack and I have a helpful and informative digital photography website (this site) and operate the on-mountain photography service at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, not far from Lake Tahoe. We photograph skiers and snowboarders at the resort, then they look at their photos online at our Kirkwood or Sierra Gallery and buy the pictures they like.

After working for a large ski photography company for many years. Jack and I approached a local ski area in our area about running a photo concession on the mountain. They said yes and we had a really good winter, despite over 70 feet of snow at Kirkwood Mountain Resort!

We're now in our third season! We are doing great however were in need of equipment. We need signs, jackets and a new digital action camera and as you know, they are very expensive.

How can you help? We get a small commission when you purchase products and services from this site. It's not much, but it all adds up and you can really make the difference. So please help us out, just order something or everything you need via a link from one of our fine sponsors. If enough of you help, we can do it, right!

Also, we're going to need some photographers next year. If you know of a hard working photographer that would like to spend the winter in Lake Tahoe, CA skiing and snowboarding too. Please have them e-mail me.

Thank You,


Note: 8/03/08- We would like to personally thank everyone for ordering from this site. The response has been great. Although we still have a long way to go, thanks to you were on our way! We're ordering jackets for the photographers, when we get them, they'll need to be embroidered with our company name. Please keep up the support. You are awesome! It's not easy to create a niche as a successful photography artist but we're working very hard to carve ours out, doing ski hill photos and we appreciate your help. Thanks for choosing Digital Photography Website to order equipment and supplies from.

If you make it up to Kirkwood Mountain Resort at Tahoe Skiing or Boarding this season, stop in for a fun photo. Were on the mountain 7-days a week weather permitting. Doing action and portrait photography on the hill. We shoot you free. No Obligation to buy! View on-line order if you like them. 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed on all photo orders.

We would love to hear from you Contact Us.

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